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Lease Addendums

These lease addendum forms are general and not specific for each circumstance. Please contact our office for more assistance with a customized Lease Addendum.

Help Center Agreement For Tenant to Vacate Property
Help Center Lease Renewal Letter with Increase in Rent

Lease Agreements

The lease agreements attached include template leases for different types of properties. If you need a more detailed lease for your situation, please contact us for further assistance.

Help Center Standard Residential Lease Agreement
Help Center Letter to Verify Employment
Help Center Letter to Verify Prior or Current Tenancy
Help Center Tenant Screening Report Checklist
Help Center Agreement to Lease
Help Center Lease Agreement Short Form
Help Center Residential Lease Issues Checklist

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Move-In/Out Forms

When a tenant moves in or vacates, use these forms to document the condition of the leased premises. Photographs can also be helpful. It is good if the tenant is present during the move-out review.

Help Center Move-In and Move-Out Checklist
Help Center Residential Tenant Move-out Cleaning Guide
Help Center Tenant Abandoned Property

Lease Applications

A prospective tenant should provide background information for the Landlord, Investor & Property Manager to use to evaluate the tenant and try to ensure a rent-paying and lease-abiding tenant is found.

Help Center Residential Rental Application

Misc. Tenant Notices

These forms are available to operate the property effectively and efficiently. Customizations may be needed depending on the circumstance.

Help Center Advice to Tenant of Excessive Noise
Help Center Advice to Tenant Change in Property Manager
Help Center Advice to Tenant of Change in Landlord
Help Center Notice of Showing Leased Premises to New Tenant

Security Deposits

Florida law is specific on how Landlord, Investors & Property Managers must maintain security deposits. When keeping all or a part of a tenant’s deposit, follow proper procedures and notifications. Please contact us if you need further assistance.

Help Center Security Deposit Accounting Statement
Help Center Security Deposit Accounting Statement

Bad Checks

Unfortunately, receiving a check that is not honored by the bank can be frustrating. These forms try to help recover money owed.

Help Center Bad Check Notice to Tenant

We update the Help Center on a regular basis.