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We are a full-service boutique law firm that practices landlord–tenant and real estate matters, in addition to other legal practice areas. Our law firm is dedicated to providing productive representation that is effective and efficient.

Our unique experiences, backgrounds, and personalities combine to form a team of lawyers, paralegals, assistants, and clerks that have the aim of providing great legal representation and services. We are fiercely loyal to our clients and will go to great lengths to see through our clients’ objectives to the end that is most advantageous. Diligence, perseverance, and attitude are qualities we possess. With our diligence, we look at all of the avenues we can with precision to see that we have covered the issues and are thoroughly prepared for the work we do. Our perseverance compels us to continue working for our clients well beyond just mere good effort but to exceed our clients’ expectations and achieve compelling results. Our attitude is that we want to win and see that our clients are beyond satisfied with our services.

The owner of the law firm knows that the people who work at the law firm represent its interests. That is why a compelling effort is made to see that the complete office works together for the common goals of both the clients and the law firm. A meeting the senior owner and partner of the law firm will provide clear evidence of the guidance provided to the law firm as a whole to strive to achieve stellar work in an efficient and productive manner.

NOT JUST EVICTIONS: While evictions and removals of occupants in commercial and residential properties have been a mainstay of the law firm for a long time, the lawyers here have great experiences in other practice areas. Some are related to real estate, and others are not. Transaction work such as corporate formations and agreements include some of the business agreement preparations the law firm has provided for clients over the years. The law firm has represented clients in litigation in State and Federal Courts in Florida and other States such as New York and California. We will be pleased to meet with prospective clients to provide information about our services and fees and discuss what we believe we can do to provide a representation of the caliber of work and professionalism we strive to provide.

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