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Transferring real estate is generally accomplished with a deed that conveys real estate from one person or legal entity to another person or legal entity. A “deed” is a document that evidences ownership of real property. A transfer of property may be part of a larger transaction. Or it could be used in conjunction with a personal plan to protect assets or setup a transfer of property as part of an estate plan.

Real estate ventures including the purchase and sale of land and structures thereon have grown exponentially. The intricacies of real estate acquisitions and sales include analysis of agreements with brokers including a listing agreement, and the review and due diligence of the property subject to sale. There are then the issues related to the sales contract and financing. Title insurance is nearly always a necessity and needs to be issued correctly after a thorough review of the property and any variances and liens thereupon, among other matters that arise in a search. The remedying of any variances are essential for a closing to occur.

Our law firm has represented clients in sales transactions that involve multi-family properties and commercial buildings being transferred to other legal entities such as partnerships and limited liability companies.


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