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RESIDENTIAL PURCHASE TRANSACTIONS. Purchasing a residential property is one of the most expensive purchases a person will make. It is very important that this purchase or sale transaction be handled with diligence and care. Meeting deadlines, for example, to move the transaction to close is imperative. Over the years, our law firm has represented many buyers and sellers of residential properties.

For Investment Purposes. Purchasing or selling real estate for investment purposes has great potential. But it is different than owning the real estate as a residence. For investment, it is advisable to own the real estate in a legal entity other than individually. There are legal reasons for using a company to own the real estate. There can also be estate planning and asset protection reasons as well.

As a Residence. When purchasing real estate as a primary residence for the owner, there are some different practical issues from commercial sales or purchases. These issues can include estate planning as well as homestead maters. Nonetheless, the same concerns related to liens and inspections are relevant and need to be carefully reviewed and considered.

Our Steps in the Representation: Our law firm representation in real estate transactions starts with the buy/sell agreement. We negotiate the agreement for our clients, adding terms that protect the specific needs and interests of our clients. The next phase in the transaction can involve assisting with lending transactions, inspections, and due diligence. For commercial properties, it can be imperative to conduct a thorough review of the property and what is on it. For example, if the property was once a gas station, there may be underground tanks to contend with and make sure environmental laws are complied with. For a residence, an inspection to make sure prior repairs and construction work were done pursuant to applicable building code with permits closed is very important. The title work to ensure the marketable title is conveyed is another imperative aspect of an impending closing transaction.

  • Buy/Sell of a Business.
  • Asset Purchase.
  • Stock Sale or Membership Interest Sale.
  • As a Residence.

Our Law Firm represents buyers and sellers in transactions
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