How to Evict Airbnb Guest

How to Evict Airbnb Guest with the help of an Eviction Lawyer

Are you searching about how to evict Airbnb guest and you don’t how where to start? If so, The Eviction Law Firm can help! Airbnb allows people to rent out a property they control per day. This is ideal for homeowners that are looking for an extra income if they have an extra room, a guest house or a space that they can turn into a separate area with a bed and other accommodations for a guest to stay. However, it is becoming a problem for some property managers because some tenants sublet their apartments on the side. Although most lease agreements in the US specifies that a rental property may not be used for subletting, it’s becoming a common problem across the country.

Knowing About the Sublet

It is difficult to know if one of your tenants is subletting your apartment through a service like Airbnb as they don’t list their property through an address but instead through pictures. This makes it difficult for a tenant to type their property address into a search bar and see if it’s listed on their platform. The best way to know if a tenant is illegally subletting the property is by talking to the neighbors. Ask them to report any suspicious activity by your home and ask them to contact you if they see different people coming in and out of the house. With their help, it is easier to discover when and where to look for evidence of subletting your property.

If You Find a Tenant Subletting

The laws which surround subletting are available. It’s certain that it is a violation of your agreement, and with proof that it’s happening, you can start the eviction proceedings. Landlords are recommended to hire an experienced eviction lawyer in Florida for these type of situations.

Why It Matters and Why You Need to Evict the Tenant

You may be asking, does it matter? The answer is that some landlord insurance policies do not apply to homes that are being sublet. For example, if one of the Airbnb guests breaks their leg in your shower and sue you, your insurance company will not cover his expenses. The insurance policy does not include any accidents due by subletting.

If the guest got injured, you are responsible for the medical bills of a stranger that you don’t have any contract with and there’s no insurance to help you pay them. Indeed, this is not a situation you want to end up in. If you discover that a tenant is subletting your property through Airnbnb, do not hesitate to get to the bottom of the situation and act accordingly.

A landlord has the right to file a lawsuit and evict any tenant that sublets part of their property through Airbnb. You can contact The Eviction Law Firm and get our eviction lawyer, to help you know more about how to evict the tenant legally. Call today at 888-573-8428

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