Hire An Eviction Lawyer

Hire An Eviction Lawyer If You Have Rental Disputes

The intricacies of eviction laws, which most often than not seek to protect the tenant, require the landlord to hire an eviction lawyer. Due to this penchant to support the tenant whose home is at stake, the judge may make it difficult for the landlord to win the case.

Rental disputes that may result in eviction

Tenants may want to withhold rent for any number of reasons in the belief that it is their right to do so. In some other cases, it may be that they are genuinely unable to pay the rent. Here are some instances of rental disputes that may require hiring an eviction lawyer.

  • Late rent payment. If a tenant refuses to pay rent timely, there is usually a period of grace, after which he/she is in default.
  • Nonpayment of rent. You can file for eviction if the tenant fails to pay rent as agreed on the lease.
  • Foreclosure and short sale. If the creditor forecloses on the landlord or the property goes through a short sale, the tenant is protected by the federal law in these instances.
  • Bankruptcy. If your tenant declares bankruptcy, the landlord may be able to evict the tenant, depending on the time of filing for bankruptcy.
  • Damage of property. If, for one reason, your tenant gets destructive, you need to get a lawyer. However, you must have evidence of the damage documented.
  • Subletting an apartment. If your lease forbids subletting, and the tenant didn’t ask the landlord for permission. 

Benefits of hiring an eviction lawyer during a rental dispute

  • Once there is a pending rental issue, the landlord must strive to avoid any mistakes. The various steps involved in legal eviction can get confusing and challenging. A simple mistake can result in prolonged rental disputes, among other challenges. You need to hire an eviction lawyer once there is a rental dispute. The lawyer can help you avoid these costly mistakes.
  • An eviction lawyer is better equipped to speed up the eviction process so you can have your home back. You will understand the need for an expedited process if the tenant is a troublesome one. Fast eviction becomes the landlord’s saving grace.
  • Different states have different rules, and you must abide by your state rules when evicting a tenant. These tenants’ rights protection rules are meant to protect the tenants from wrongful eviction. Are you conversant with these rules? Can you comfortably satisfy these legal requirements on your own? The landlord may not be versed in the state’s eviction rules, but a skilled eviction lawyer does.
  • You do not want to reduce the amount you can gain from damage claims unwittingly. That would be you shooting yourself in the leg because you want to avoid hiring an eviction lawyer. If you fail to evict a tenant properly, then that is the scenario you are bound to face, if not worse.

If you know you have a problematic tenant with whom you are involved in a rental dispute, do yourself a favor and hire an experienced eviction lawyer.

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