Long Term Business Lease

Are Witnesses Really Needed for a Long Term Business Lease?

So there are two lines at the end of the lease for two witnesses. But no one is around when the tenant comes to sign the lease. Should the tenant just sign or wait to find two witnesses for a long term business lease?

Long Term Business LeaseThis is a situation a lot of landlords find themselves in. After a long or maybe short negotiation with the tenant, the final execution becomes an issue. Provence says to wait for the witnesses, but what about the law?

Florida has a state Statute that says that a commercial lease must be signed and two witnesses must sign as a witness to the landlord’s execution. Thus the starting point is there should be two witnesses to the lease signing. However, there is Case Law in Florida that allows for possible exceptions. It may be applied where the landlord and tenant have acted in furtherance of the incorrectly witnessed lease, such as the tenant taking possession and paying rent. This performance exception has some limitations and requirements. Whether it is applicable is made on a case-by-case basis.

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