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Are you searching for commercial eviction lawyers? If so, Eviction Law Firm can help! It’s a situation no landlord wishes to face – yet, it’s more than likely that, at some point, someone might find themselves entangled in legal proceedings to evict a bad tenant. Florida Eviction Law Firm, an esteemed Commercial Eviction Lawyerfull-service transaction and civil litigation practice specializing in landlord-tenant evictions, recently spoke of the spike in Florida eviction cases, which has numerous Floridian landlords and real estate agents seeking the firm’s services.

“A bad tenant is a source for much financial and psychological distress for landlords,” said Mr. Kevin H. Fabrikant, Attorney, and Supervisor of Florida Eviction Law Firm’s Eviction Department. “In addition to being a burden to their landlords, tenants who breach their lease contracts are often a nuisance for other property tenants, too.”

“With years of experience in tenant eviction procedures; deep knowledge of the law, and utmost dedication to our clients, we manage to handle all cases in a meticulous and time-sensitive manner, and as such reach our goal of completing them within 30 days.”Commercial Eviction Lawyer

Facilitating the hiring and process, Florida Eviction Law Firm offers lucrative flat fees, which include a broad scope of services, effective from the start of the case, and all the way to its conclusion. Florida Eviction Law Firm has managed to provide such competitive prices owing to its thorough understanding of the workings of eviction proceedings, as well as expert preparation and defense techniques, in the event of a hearing, mediation, or additional court filings brought by the tenant.

Commercial Eviction LawyerIn addition to individual landlords, the Florida Eviction Law Firm services anyone interested in commercial Eviction Lawyer services for large apartment complexes and real estate managers. The firm also handles various other property- and real estate-related cases, such as ejectment actions; unlawful detainers; damages to rental properties; buy/sell agreements; 1031 exchanges; entity formations; real estate litigations, and more.

Eviction Law Firm – Commercial Eviction Lawyer

Florida Eviction Law Firm services clients across the state of Florida. Those interested in recruiting the firm’s services are encouraged to call (877) 573-8428, or visit its offices during working hours, Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 18:00 PM.

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