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Before you start your eviction case you must first serve the tenant with an eviction notice.


  • Complete the Request Our Hiring Documents form and submit it.
  • We will email you a link to complete the Retainer Agreement and Fact Sheet.
  • Upload the Lease, if it is in writing, and the Eviction Notice.
  • Follow the “Pay Online Now” link.
  • You will receive a confirmation of a New Eviction Case Received and a paid Invoice.
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Hiring Process Questions & Answers


This document is an agreement between our law firm, Eviction Law Firm, and you as the client or client representative that explains the terms of our services. It explains what we charge for the work we do, describes about the services we perform, and explains additional terms and conditions. You should read it carefully and contact us if you have any questions.

The Fact Sheet helps us process eviction cases more efficiently. It also makes sure that we receive information that we need to help process the cases and reduces the chances for tenants and defendants to delay the eviction cases’ progress.

We use a portal through PayPal to process payments on-line. PayPal uses special high-level encryption systems and protections to ensure the safety of your credit card information. For more information about the PayPal systems and securities, click this link. https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/paypal-safety-and-security

Yes, you can call us and provide your credit card information over the phone. You can also come into the Office and pay us directly and give us the Hiring Documents. And if you prefer, we can accept checks made payable to the “Eviction Law Firm” or “Law Firm of Fabrikant & Associates, PLLC”.

Click on the button to Contact Us and you can chat with us here at the office. Or please feel free to call us at 1877-573-8428, 1877=57-EVICT, to discuss your situation.

We can accept the Hiring Documents by facsimile if that is more convenient for you. Our fax number to the office that will receive the Hiring Documents is 954.966.0886. Make sure you receive a fax confirmation and then call us to let us know you faxed us the Hiring Documents.

We are available to meet with you in person. Most of our clients do not come in for a meeting since we have an efficient system of getting the documents and information we need and starting the eviction case promptly. We do most of our meetings at the main office in Hollywood. If you want to meet at another satellite office, please contact us so we can set up the meeting. Note that we charge a $100 consultation fee. If we are hired for an eviction case, then the $100 is credited toward the eviction fee.

After the hiring process is completed, you will receive an email that explains the process and the next steps. We also send you regular emails as the case progresses that explain what is occurring. Weekly summary reports will also be sent to you that provide update case information. There is also a button on the Help Center web page that you can submit to us and receive back an email of case information. Help Center Click Here

Our goal is to try to settle all our eviction cases. We ask for the tenant/defendant telephone number in our Fact Sheet when we start the case. Whether the settlement is for the tenant/defendant to pay past due money or to agree to move out, we try to expedite the eviction case to conclusion.