Coronavirus Eviction Update: July 2020 Courts Letting Up on Eviction Holds

Landlords and Property Managers as well as tenants were watching to see if the Governor extended the suspension on residential evictions for nonpayment of rent. Also, the Florida Courts, Court Clerks, and Sheriffs Offices have been holding off on proceeding with evictions as well based on Orders from the Florida Supreme Court and local courts. At the last minute, the Governor did extend the hold on residential nonpayment of rent evictions.

However, the courts are no longer directing these holds to remain, despite Governor Desantis’ extension. The Clerks will continue again with entering defaults and moving eviction cases forward along with the local courts. The Sheriffs Offices throughout the state should also be proceeding with removals for eviction cases.

For Commercial Eviction cases, the Courts, Clerks, and Sheriff Offices we’re holding off on those cases too. But going forward, we expect commercial cases to proceed through the courts systems and sheriffs and place the landlords or managers back into possession. There may be some bumps and delays as things get moving Landlords and managers have been struggling as well as many others and at least having the ability to regain possession of rental properties may help facilitate settlements and allow for conclusion of cases.

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